Art Of Turning

Art Of Turning is a woodturning gallery and gift shop where artists from all around the globe have the chance to showcase their work and you have the chance to purchase one of a kind wooden gifts.

At Art Of Turning we believe all wood turners should be appreciated and showcased. That is why we have made it possible for artists of all skill levels to showcase their work in our gallery.

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One Purchase = One Tree Planted

You may have seen my woodturning booth around the Upper Valley at one craft fair or another. You may also have seen the sign on our table that says we donate to plant one tree for each product we sell.

We have tallied up and made our 2019 donation and with matching donations from ALMA, the total this year comes to…

A whopping 524 trees planted!

Thank you for your continued support!

Artist: Hilary Hale

Woodturning Gallery

Our gallery is designed to give woodturners of all skill levels the opportunity to showcase their work in the public spotlight. Click the button below to explore the woodturning art submitted to the gallery by artist from all around the world.

About Our Studio

Art of Turning is an online studio where wood turners of all skill level can share their experience and have their work showcased in our public woodturning gallery.

Woodturning Clubs

Woodturning clubs are a fantastic way to connect with fellow wood turners and gain knowledge from experienced craftsmen.

Featured Artists

From time to time we will feature local, national, and world renowned wood turners here at Art Of Turning. Please stay tuned!

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Show Off Your Skills

Show off your skills and share your work right here on Art Of Turning!

From practical use pieces to works of art, we welcome you to share your woodturning with us today. Click the button below to submit and share your work in our gallery.

Woodturning Bliss


I am inspired by my students. They begin white-knuckled and fearful: fearful of the lathe, of getting a catch, of a piece of wood going airborne and flying off the lathe. I never get tired of seeing the change in their entire body when they finally discover the sweet spot, when they’re “kissing the bevel” on the wood, when they discover how effortless it can be when you’re in that zone, and when they begin to relax as lengths of wood-curls fly off the blank and float in the air about them.

- Donna Zils Banfield, Woodturner

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When you purchase a product in our woodturning gift shop or Etsy Shop, we donate one tree to be planted via OneTreePlanted!

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