This piece of cherry was a log I salvaged from a job I was working on. I cut it up waxed it and left to dry. The outside of the bowl was turned to the required shape with an internal spigot on the bottom. The inside was then turned to the required thickness.

cherry bowl with carved decorated rim

I then used my Lancelot cutter (chainsaw teeth) in the angle grinder to carve the rim working from outer to inner of the bowl so any spelching occurred on the inner edge.

This carved edge was then painted with black acrylic paint and when dry the high points were touched with a sponge brush with jo sonjas rose gold paint.

The rim was then lacquered with several coats. I then took another cut from the inside of the bowl to get rid of the spelching from the carving earlier leaving a nice crisp edge. The rest of the bowl was then oiled with osmo oil.

Artist: Gary Brown

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