Meet featured wood turner Gary Brown! Learn what his favorite species of wood is to work with and why. With textures and colors, he turns relatively plain ash wood into gallery-worthy wood turned pieces.

Platter wood turned art

Woodturner Gary Brown

Tell us about yourself:

Hi I’m a joiner by trade and do woodturning in my spare time. I’ve been turning about 7 years now and am self taught. I pick tips and ideas by attending woodturning demonstrations at local clubs to hone my skills and improve at what I do.

What is your background and how/why did you get into woodturning?

I saw a woodturning demonstration at the great Yorkshire show at Harrogate when I was younger and always wanted a go. When we moved house with a garage I bought myself a lathe and started from there.

What drives your passion for woodturning and who are your biggest influences?

I really enjoy doing it creating one off unique pieces. I exhibit a selection of my pieces in a gallery in the Lake District and make a bit of money selling them to further fund my addiction.

Do you have a favorite species of wood, or favorite tools you like to work with?

Ash is my favourite wood as there’s so many things you can do with it from a decorating aspect. It’s also a beautiful wood on its own.

Is there one wood turned piece you’ve created for which you are particularly proud?

I do a bowl with around 20/30 different species of wood forming the rim of the bowl which I particularly like.

How did you develop your woodturning/woodworking career?

By attending woodturning demonstrations at local clubs and shops

How do you seek out or find professional opportunities?

My local woodturning club or the internet.

What would you say to new woodturners?

Attend demos or a course from a professional woodturner to start off on the right track.

Follow Gary’s Woodturning Page on Facebook: @GazsWoodturnings

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