Jack and Coke Barrel Wood Pen Set

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Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola wooden barrels were made to make these pens. The Coke pen is outfitted with red hardware, the Jack Daniel’s pen is outfitted with black hardware.

Both are stunning twist pens and great conversation pieces.

Includes certificates and dual pen box as shown.

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A set of two pens made from authentic wood sourced from Jack Daniel’s whiskey distillery barrel and an antique Coca-Cola syrup barrel.

Coca-Cola syrup used to be transported to vendors and soda shops inside oak barrels. Once there, the syrup was made into the drink by Soda Jerks; so named because they would jerk down on the lever dispensing the syrup. This pen is very unique as the top of the pen is from an inner-core piece where the soda syrup stains are still present. This coke gift is outfitted with red hardware.

The Jack Daniel barrel wood pen is from an authentic whiskey barrel used to distill Jack Daniel’s brand whiskey. It is outfitted with black pen hardware and goes perfectly with the Coke pen for a nice Jack and Coke set!

Comes as a set with two-pen box as shown.

Both pens are twist pens and use Cross-style refills, available anywhere pen refills are sold.

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