This is a ring bearer box of my own design. It has a choice of 2 removable inserts for the rings. My cousin asked me to make it for her wedding.

Ornate ring holder woodturned box

The insert shown is ornate and too tall to use with the lid. A shorter insert (not pictured) can be used with the lid. The short insert is plain with her new initial painted on the end. Both snap tightly into a divot inside the box. The ornate ring holder also has a base for use after the wedding so she’ll have a useful box and counter top ring holder.

Ring bearer wood turned ring box purple heart and ash wood.

Regarding woods, I chose Purple Heart and Ash because they compliment the colors of the wedding. During sanding the dust from the Purple Heart filled the grain of the Ash making it more visible and tying the color scheme together nicely.

Ring box woodturned purple heart and ash wood

As it turns out my cousin was moved to tears and the story of the box will show up in a post on my blog in the near future.

Artist: JoAnne Scott

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